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06-19-2012: From Athens to Thessoloniki
06-18-2012: Our First Day and Sightseeing in Athens
06-17-2012: An Overseas Adventure from Orlando to Frankfurt to Athens
05-26-2012: Geocaching on Old Hwy 50 in Central Florida
10-07-2008: A Suprise Stop on Jekyll Island
10-05-2008: Off to the Races at Road Atlanta and the Petit Lemans
09-23-2008: Jeepin' and Cachin'
03-16-2008: Off to the Races at the 12 Hours of Sebring!
03-06-2008: We're Going to Walt Disney World!
03-05-2008: Buying a New TOAD: Our Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4
03-02-2008: From Florida to Colorado and Back to Florida

2007 Update:
Through this experience, Cricket and I improved our friendship but it could not resolve some marital issues. Early in 2007, we went our separate ways to begin our own new adventures.

She has settled in a house back in Orlando with the boys who have returned to private school. I still call Orlando home, but have taken on a career as an over-the-road truck driver. The motorhome spends most of the time in storage until I return home once a month for my time off.

We don't regret our decision to make the RV trip. We would definitely recommend it to everyone. It was a wonderful experience. We met lots of great people everywhere. While it may not fix everything, it will definitely improve your family life and/or marriage.

Our divorce was finalized in December of 2007.

An introduction to Part 1 of this RV Adventure. The archived entries below are listed in chronological order from bottom to top. If this is your first visit, I suggest that after you read the brief introduction, you start from the bottom and work your way up.

This is our blog, journal, whatever you may want to call it of an 11 month journey. We are the Gregorich Family; Mark, Cricket, Adam, Lucas, and our 4-legged friend Jake. This adventure began in 2002 when we decided to remove our two sons from private school and began homeschooling. However, unlike most homeschool families, I became the homeschool dad while mom still worked outside the home.

The next chapter began in the summer of 2005, we began the second stage in our family adventure: homeschooling on the road in an RV, or as some call it "roadschooling". We took delivery of our new National RV Sea Breeze LX 36' Motorhome to be our new home on this road trip in July. Over the next four weeks we sold all our possessions, including the house!

In addition to their normal curriculum, our two sons received their history and geography homeschool lessons up close and personal. Starting from Orlando, we drove the RV straight through to Maine to see some family before winter hit. Then slowly make our way back down to Florida for the Holidays with my family. From there we then headed west to California. After that our family rving trip turned north up through Canada to Alaska and the Artic Circle. From there we ventured east across Canada to Edmondton before dropping back down into Montana. After a stop in Yellowstone for the sights and Denver for friends, we hurried once more to Maine before another return to Florida.

While RVing our way around, we traveled through 34 states, 5 provinces, visited 24 state capitals, lots of museums, historical sites, big cities and rural communities alike. Oh yes, RV is short for "recreational vehicle" so there were lots of campgrounds, amusement parks, roller coasters and other fun things along the way also!

At the same time, we continued to work. My wife was a mortgage broker and I a website designer. Therefore we both managed to conduct our businesses from anywhere with the use of cell phones, emails, and satellite internet connections. So if you're tired of going to the office everyday, see if you can make a few changes. Maybe you can setup a mobile office in a motorhome and travel the country as well.

So I invite you to follow along as we RV homeschooled in the American Adventure. Through this website, you can be a virtual passenger with us as I reported our stories and photos along the way. You can even talk to me through the message boards.

Heading your way,

(More stories from Adam (updated Mar06) and Lucas (updated Aug06))

Archived Adventure Stories by Mark:
08-31-2006: From Maine, Stopping in Atlanta, to Florida
08-26-2006: Ten Days in Maine
08-16-2006: Driving Quickly Back East
08-11-2006: Good Friends, Mountains, the Capital, and More in Colorado
08-02-2006: Visiting The Capital Building In Cheyenne, Wyoming
08-01-2006: Grand Tetons National Park In Wyoming
07-30-2006: Yellowstone National Park In Wyoming
07-27-2006: Troubles In Montana
07-25-2006: From Wild Animals to a Huge Shopping Mall in Canada
07-20-2006: More Rain in Haines, Alaska
07-17-2006: Lots of Ice and Wildlife in Valdez, Alaska
07-14-2006: A Wet Week in Denali National Park, Alaska
07-08-2006: Fairbanks, Alaska and the Artic Circle
07-04-2006: Driving Through Canada: Day 4, Arriving In Alaska!
07-03-2006: Driving Through Canada: Day 3
07-02-2006: Driving Through Canada: Day 2
07-01-2006: Driving Through Canada: Day 1
06-30-2006: Visiting The Boeing Factory In Washington
06-29-2006: From Olympia to Seattle, Washington
06-28-2006: Moving on to Mount St. Helens in Washington
06-25-2006: Snowball Fights on Mount Hood In Oregon
06-24-2006: Waterfalls In Oregon
06-23-2006: Making New Friends In Oregon
06-21-2006: Champoeg State Park and Salem, Oregon
06-19-2006: Driving Up The Oregon Coastline
06-17-2006: Northwest California Redwoods
06-14-2006: From California to Nevada back to California
06-11-2006: A Foggy San Francisco California
06-08-2006: Pacific Coast Highway and the Hearst Castle in California
06-07-2006: Fun and Sun in Southern California
05-30-2006: A Double Detour in Southern California
05-26-2006: A Week in Las Vegas, Nevada
05-17-2006: Glenn Canyon and Lake Powell in Arizona
05-13-2006: A Week at the Grand Canyon in Arizona
05-06-2006: From Meteors to the Capital in Arizona
04-28-2006: Cliff Dwellings, Ice Cave, and Volcanoes in New Mexico
04-27-2006: A Week in New Mexico
04-19-2006: Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory in Texas
04-15-2006: Big Bend National Park in Texas
04-08-2006: Back to Texas
03-23-2006: Racing and Relaxing in Florida
03-09-2006: Hiking, Family, and History, in North Texas
03-05-2006: Cactus and Canyons in West Texas
03-01-2006: History and Adventure in San Antonio, Texas
02-24-2006: Fog in Galvaston, Texas
02-20-2006: Feeding the Animals in Louisiana
02-15-2006: A Rainy End To Mississippi
02-11-2006: Katrina Destruction in Mississippi
02-10-2006: Civil War History in Mississippi
02-06-2006: Elvis and BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee
02-02-2006: History and Hiking in Nashville, Tennessee
01-28-2006: Friendly Folks in Alabama
01-23-2006: Tallahassee and the Florida Panhandle
01-18-2006: We're Finally Ready To Continue!
01-13-2006: A Change of Plans. TWICE!
01-04-2006: Updating Our Drivers License Addresses
12-20-2005: Cypress Gardens and Busch Gardens, Florida
12-12-2005: From St. Augustine to Orlando, Florida
12-05-2005: Just Beautiful on Jekyll Island, Georgia
12-02-2005: Historic Savanna, Georgia
11-30-2005: Edisto Island and Charleston, South Carolina
11-27-2005: Thanksgiving in Columbia, South Carolina
11-23-2005: Upstate South Carolina and BMW
11-17-2005: Mayberry, Mountains, and More in North Carolina
11-14-2005: Catching a Break and Catching Up
11-11-2005: Early American History in Virginia
11-07-2005: The Mountains of West Virginia
11-04-2005: American History in Pennsylvania
10-31-2005: Halloween in Hershey, Pennsylvania
10-28-2005: From Albany to Florida in New York
10-25-2005: Rain, Mansions and Fall Colors in New York
10-20-2005: Cold and Rainy in Massachusetts
10-13-2005: History and Science in Boston
10-10-2005: A Wet Mountain
10-05-2005: Our First Days in Maine
10-01-2005: On The Road... Finally!
9-25-2005: Getting the Graphics
9-17-2005: Wekiva Springs State Park in Apopka, Florida
9-10-2005: Thousand Trails in Clermont, Florida
9-02-2005: Magnolia Park in Apopka, Florida
8-31-2005: Our First Trip To Service
8-28-2005: Here Come The Horses
8-19-2005: Praise Be To God!
8-16-2005: Our First Campground
8-14-2005: Getting Ready To Move
7-18-2005: Taking Delivery of Our New Motorhome