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Our First Trip To Service

August 31, 2005

Well this week was service week. As with all motorhomes and RV's there's always some warranty work that need to be taken care of. On Monday morning, we took the dog to the kennel for grooming and boarding for a few days. We also dropped off the boys at Grandma's house. Then we headed back to Lazy Days RV Center in Seffner, FL near Tampa.

Our actual appointment wasn't until Tuesday morning, but we thought we'd arrive Monday afternoon to avoid the morning traffic between Orlando and Tampa. When we arrived at Lazy days, we headed straight over to Rally Park and checked in for the night. A quick parking, leveling, and plug in and we were set.

9:00 AM. After checking in with service, our service advisor Michelle came to greet us. She told us she had to head for a meeting and that Doug would write us up. After a few minutes, Doug arrived to get us started. Here is the list of the repairs we needed:
  1. front TV shows only a red screen
  2. the rear TV needs a separate cable for the satellite
  3. dead bolt lock on door does not work
  4. bad odors from tank after driving only a few minutes
  5. basement door latch broken
  6. back side of another basement door has a bubble in the fiberglass
  7. generator meter does not work
  8. front left suspension creaking
That was the warranty work. The service items were:
  1. oil and filter change on generator
  2. install Shurflo Smart Sensor 5.7 water pump upgrade
  3. install Shurflo Waterguard Filter and Faucet
We were told it could possibly take 2 days, which we were already prepared for. However, at the end of the first day we were given bad news. Most everything had been completed and fixed. The bad news is that the TV had to be removed and sent out for service and could take a week. This we were NOT prepared for! They had also NOT ran the second cable for the satellite to the rear TV, so now we couldn't watch any TV at all. To make matters worse, the service techs were already headed home and could not quickly hook up the second TV. And to top it all off, when we went back to the RV, we were greeted with a mess. The compartment doors on each side of the TV were off, all the wood trim around the front TV were off and laying on the floor, and we were expected to drive away and live in it for a week! We were NOT happy campers.

They paid for our next night over at Rally Park. The next morning we took it back over to service so they could at least install all the doors and trim around the TV so we could function with it. Although we still have a huge hole where the TV is supposed to be, we can use our home.

This was our first and hopefully only bad experience with Lazy Days. We'll have to wait until next week to see how the ending goes. We were told by one person there that we probably would have had better and quicker service at the National RV factory service center in Lakeland. They probably would have just installed another TV instead. Next time we'll have to go there first.

While there, I also went next door to Camping World to find out about all the towing equipment necessary to pull the Chevy Blazer. They had to order the driveshaft couplers, so it'll need to be installed next week. Hopefully next weeks service trip to Tampa will be a better one.

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