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  • Exploring History and Discovering a Hidden Pioneer Family Cemetery in Bonham, Texas
  • After our long 5300 mile road trip to purchase our new-to-us 2000 American Eagle motorhome, we arrived in Bonham, Texas for my next work project. While here, we got a chance to explore the history of Bonham and grab some geocaches around town. I also discovered several Pioneer children's graves from the 1800's hidden among some trees that was not listed in the Find-A-Grave database. So come with us as we explore Bonham, Texas...

  • 2021-07: The Final Week of Our 5300 Mile Road Trip from Texas to Indiana to Florida and Back to Texas
  • In todays edition of the AwayWeGo's Adventures Blog, we're winding down these last few days of our 5300 mile road trip to purchase our motorhome. These last 2300 miles went by much faster than we would have gone in the past. Driving the big RV we stuck to the Interstates for the most part. I gotta learn how to route plan better so that we can still do some sightseeing and geocaching. We did stop to see a few things on some overnight stops. So climb onboard the big Eagle Bus and let's go for a ride...

  • 2021-06-30: Visiting Noah's Ark After Our First Day and Our First Breakdown in the Motorhome
  • On this date of our AwayWeGo's Geocaching and Traveling Adventures, we begin a new chapter. We took delivery of our RV, a 2000 American Eagle 40' diesel pusher motorhome, and begin our journey with our home on wheels yesterday. Now when we drive to a new jobsite we no longer have to stuff our Jeep with all our belongings. No longer do we have to look for a furnished place to rent for the duration of the project. We'll have everything with us and get to sleep in our own bed every night. So climb aboard the big rig RV, there's plenty of room. Today was our first day of driving from Indiana, to Florida, and then back to Texas for the next project.

  • 2021-06-27: Geocaching and Sightseeing History in Gary and East Chicago Indiana
  • Hello again and welcome to our adventures. We're winding down our little side road trip while our "new to us" used American Eagle motorhome is almost ready to take delivery. On this day we explored the towns of East Chicago and Gary in northwest Indiana. East Chicago is my fathers hometown and we'll pay a visit to his childhood home. And over in Gary was the childhood home of a world famous celebrity. So join us as we grab some geocaches and take a look around at what remains of this town...

  • 2021-06-26: Visiting the RV Museum and Hall of Fame in Indiana
  • So today was one of those "checked an item off the bucket list" kinda day! Since owning my first motorhome way back in 2005, I've always wanted to visit the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. Now that I'm in the process of purchasing another motorhome I finally get the chance. It was a wonderful journey back through time. So come and step back in time with us as we look at RV's through history.

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