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Cold and Rainy in Massachusetts

October 20, 2005

It has been a week since my last update and it has still been raining and cloudy most of the time. We drove across Massachusetts on the Mohawk Trail, a scenic drive along Route 2 to the northwest corner. There were a lot of spots along the way where we wanted to pull over, but difficult to do in the RV pulling the Blazer. It was definitely worth a drive back in the Blazer after parking the RV at our next stop.

We arrived in the small town of Williamstown, Massachusetts, just 5 minutes from both the Vermont and New York borders. I quickly unhooked the Blazer (it was raining of course) and pulled the RV into my brother-in-laws' driveway. We spent the evening just hanging out. My sister-in-law was just getting over her cold, and sure enough Cricket had it the next day! It seems as though Cricket could sometimes catch a cold just passing by a hospital.

The next day we drove down to Pittsfield. It was about 45 minutes away, but there was a Best Buy there and I needed to get my laptop fixed. Over the past two weeks it had been getting difficult to charge the battery and even more difficult to find someplace to fix it without shipping it off to Toshiba. I needed someone who could fix it at their location while we were still in the area. However, they determined that the problem was that the internal plug for the battery charger had broken loose from the mother board. This was something they could not fix there. Upon returning, I got on the phone with Toshiba and explained my situation. They told me that there was a Toshiba authorized computer repair center in Albany, NY who could take care of me. I called them and explained the problem. They said they could fix it. However as late as it was on Friday, I would have to wait until Monday to drive it over to NY.

By Saturday, Cricket was feeling worse and decided to stay in bed for the day. There wasn't much we could do outside anyway because it still continued to rain. And it rained some more. And after that rain quit, it decided to start raining again.

On Sunday, Cricket was still felling bad with a cold, but was even worse with "cabin fever". So we decided to go for a drive back down the Mohawk Trail. It was a cold and windy day, but it least it wasn't raining right now. Though the clouds looked as if it could rain at any minute.

Our first stop along the Mohawk Trail was a little town called "Florida". There wasn't a whole lot to do in the town, but we did want to get our picture taken by the welcome sign.

Another spot along the Mohawk Trail was a gift shop with a huge Indian statue and teepee. We didn't go into the gift shop, but it did require taking some photos.

We also found some hiking trails and water falls. Cricket still wasn't feeling good, but didn't want to skip the trails. It turned out to be worth the hike, because there were some great views as you can see from the photos.

On the way back we stopped at an old one room school house from the 1800's.

Monday came and we had to drive over to Albany, NY where ATEC Computers were located. It was about an hour away. Cricket thought she was feeling better and decided to go as well. However, by the time we arrived the cold medicine had kicked in and she had practically no energy at all. After dropping off the laptop, we stopped for lunch and then headed back over to Massachusetts. That afternoon the rain returned again.

With Tuesday and Wednesday came more rain. It was beginning to be a cold, wet and dreary week.

Today was the last day we planned to stay in this area before moving over to NY. There was the Mount Greylock State Park just a few minutes drive away that we still wanted to visit. It was still supposed to rain that day, but at that moment there wasn't any. So we decided to quickly head out. Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts at about 3500 feet. We drove to the top and it was a spectacular view. I just wish I had a wide angle lense so you could get a better sense of it. On the way back down, we stopped along one of the hiking trails from some exploring. It turned out to be a pretty good day.

Tomorrow we drive over to New York State for a week there.

Until next time, enjoy these photos.