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A Change of Plans. TWICE!

January 13, 2006

In my last update, I said we were ready to head out west. Then we called Lazy Days to find out when our replacement seat cushions were going to be in. Our service advisor informed us that it was going to be either Monday or Tuesday of this week.

Therefore we decided that instead of heading up to Tallahassee and then driving back down to Tampa when they arrived, we would go down and visit my sisters in Ft Lauderdale and Miami. Then we could drive up the west coast of Florida stopping in Tampa to pick up the seat cushions on the way out.

So on Thursday we drove down to Pembroke Pines, just west of Ft Lauderdale. We met one of my sisters there at a WalMart near her home. Our motorhome was too big to fit in her driveway. She brought along her youngest son. The older one had to finish a school project so he stayed home. We then went nearby to dinner, chatted for a while and then it was time to go. It was a school night and it was getting late.

We made plans to see each other again on Sunday because her boyfriend really wanted to see our motorhome, but had to stay home with the oldest son.

Now the WalMart we were parked at was in the Sawgrass Mall area. A city ordinance did not allow overnight parking. The parking lot security said there was another WalMart a few miles down the road and we'd be OK there. So my sister showed us the way, which was just past her house, and we parked there for the night.

On Friday, the next morning we started down into Miami. The plan was to get our passports right there at the main office. We had such a difficult time to get Cricket's documentation for her name change as a little girl, we didn't want to risk sending it in the mail for our passports. Hence the main reason for going down into Miami.

However, just as we were on I-95 pulling into Miami I received a phone call. My father was on his way to the hospital. Cricket called the campground to cancel our reservation and I turned the motorhome around and headed back to Orlando.

We arrived back at Horseman's Park to drop off the RV and then drove the Blazer to the hospital. My dad was going to be fine. He'd have to spend the weekend in the hospital for observation and would return home Sunday night.

Now we're back in Orlando again, BORED and waiting for our cushions to arrive in Tampa.

On the bright side though, I still do not have a camera yet. Therefore there haven't been any missed photo ops yet. I faxed my claims form to and are awaiting the outcome. Hopefully something will get resolved quickly.

That is it for now. I'll be posting again soon.