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From Orlando to Frankfurt to Athens

June 17, 2012

This weekend was our first adventure overseas. Destination: Athens, Greece!

We started out yesterday morning at Orlando International Airport meeting up with the entire family. All 16 of us! My mother, her 4 children and spouses, and her grandchildren all flying over to Greece to see where my mother grew up as a little girl.

And this will be my FIRST flight on an airplane. If you've followed my journeys, you'll recall that I have taken 2 helicopter rides for sightseeing tours, but never been on an airplane before.

Departing Orlando at 8:20 PM on Saturday and arriving in Frankfurt, Germany at 11:25 AM Sunday made for a looong first flight! But it was smooth and pretty much dark much of the way there.

Somewhere over the north Atlantic Ocean, we caught glimpse of the sunrise.

After arriving in Frankfurt, Germany at one end of the airport, we had to walk ALL the way around to the other end to catch are connecting flight gate. Once we found the gate and settled in for the wait, we had about an hour to explore the airports gift shops and cafes.

But not me. I'm going caching. There's a virtual geocache and all I need is to get a photo of me under the Gate 42 sign. So Lucas and I walk down what seemed like a mile from gate A10 to A42.

Then at 1:40 PM, we depart Frankfurt and make our way down to Athens, Greece. Somewhere along the way we get a great view of some mountains that I think may have been the Alps in Austria or Northern Italy.

Landing in Athens, we grab our luggage and find the driver of the tour bus to take us to our hotel. After checking in and freshening up, we walk to the nearby Monastiraki Square a few blocks away and get some dinner.

Getting little sleep over the last 2 days, and now having full stomachs on top of that, we make our way back to the hotels roof top and enjoy a brief view of the Parthenon all lit up. But soon there after, it was a long awaited sleep time!

More to come soon.

View of the Acropolis at night.

Next Day: Our First Day and Sightseeing in Athens