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Off to the Races at Road Atlanta and the Petit Lemans

October 05, 2008

Welcome back everyone. Thanks for returning to check out our travel blog.

We had a relaxing and enjoyable time at the ALMS Petit Lemans sports car races at Road Atlanta. We started out late on Monday afternoon after running around getting ready for the RV road trip.

Our first stop was to go by CFI's orientation location in Jacksonville, FL to see if the instructor was able to retrieve my shirts left in my truck. Along the way, we stopped at the Daytona International Speedway to get a Geocache we had tried before on several occasions but ran out of time. This time we were successful!

Afterwards we then stopped to eat and then off to Jacksonville spending the night at a rest area along I95.

Tuesday morning we made it to CFI just to find out that the instructor was out for the week and the fill in didn't know anything about the shirts. Oh, well. We'll try again on the way back. NOW OFF TO THE RACES!

I decided to take a more scenic and leisurely route to the race track instead of quickly going up I75 to Atlanta. Therefore after our Jacksonville detour, we drove west down I10 to Lake City, FL. From there we turned north on US441. Of course we had to stop and grab the Geocache too at the gas station there at that intersection!

Continuing north on US441, our next stop was near Fargo, GA at the Suwanee River headwaters. It was a peaceful state park where of course another Geocache was located. After quickly finding the cache and signing the log, we took some time to enjoy the area and take some pictures. Leaving here, she took to the wheel. It was her first time driving the motorhome and she did a great job doing so!

The next Geocache stop was just south of Dublin, GA. There were three on our list, but we found only one. After that we had lunch and continued north and ended up staying the night at a Walmart parking lot in Eatonton. Hey there was a cache there too and we found it!

Wednesday morning came and the gates were open at the race track, so we went straight there. No more Geocaching stops!

Once we arrived at the race track, we purchased our tickets and made our way in to find a camping spot. Soon after our friend Chuck called stating that he also had just arrived and came to meet us in the camping area. Over the course of the week we got to meet our camping neighbors who were very friendly. We hope to see them again in March at Sebring or next year back here at Petit.

We had a great time here, collected a lot of autographs and watched some great racing action! I was a bit more relaxed than usual and took fewer pictures. Only 411 this time compared to my usual 1000-1500!

Today we leave the race track and head down to location to which I haven't yet told her. Another surprise for her! You'll have to come back in a few days to find out also.

Back again soon...