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From Maine, Stopping in Atlanta, to Florida

August 31, 2006

The past week was spent mostly driving it seems. We left Maine on Sunday morning driving down through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and ending in Pennsylvania for the night. Traffic was unbelievably heavy that day and it rained almost all the way.

Monday was another long day of driving at 509 miles down I-81 from Pennsylvania through Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, turning south on I-77 and staying the night in North Carolina. Being Monday we were expecting heavy traffic again, but this time it was light. Go figure. We also encountered more rain.

Tuesday was a bit shorter only going from North Carolina to I-85 and through South Carolina and ending the day in north Atlanta. In Atlanta we planned on staying two nights so we found a campground instead of WalMarts.

Since we past through Georgia on the coast the last time, we skipped Atlanta. Because of this we also missed the capitol building tour. Plus the fact that there was also a tropical storm heading north up through Florida! So staying two nights in Atlanta wasn't a bad idea.

Wednesday came and the plan was to visit Coca-Cola first, then the capitol building, and then on to Six Flags for some fun. Well guess what, Six Flags was closed. Beginning the previous week, they are only open on the weekends. Great! Now that's twice we've missed it. Oh well.

So we ended up touring only the capitol building and Coca-Cola.

This morning we left early and made our way down to Orlando. We're staying at the Clarcona Horseman's Park on the North-West side of Orlando. It is an Orange County Park and with a county membership, it is only $3 a night to stay here.

That is going to do it for our American Adventure for a while. Our plans are to buy a few fixer-upper houses and resell them after I, well, fix them up. I'll also be looking for a full-time job here as well.

We hope you all have enjoyed our travels. If you have any questions or if we have inspired you to take your own version of the American RV Adventure, please post a note in the message boards and let us know. It will be great to continue hearing from everyone that we've met along the way.

Until we leave again for Part II, we wish everyone safe travels.

p.s. if you have registered in the forums, I will send out an update when we take off again.