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Yellowstone National Park In Wyoming

July 30, 2006

We left West Yellowstone on Friday and headed across the border into Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Our original plans were to just to stop by and see Old Faithful, then continue down to the Grand Tetons. However...

On the way down to the geyser areas, we past by a herd of elk wading through a river. Cricket got a few photos from the RV, but they were still at a distance. There were also about 20 cars lining the roadside so it was a little difficult to find a place to pull over. But we did and Lucas and I walked along the banks to get some closer pictures.

Afterwards we continued down to Old Faithful. Just as we entered the parking lot, it was erupting. Now we had a while before the next one so we decided to eat lunch. During this time Cricket received some phone calls and had some business to attend to. This also caused us to miss the next eruption. When she finished we decided to visit some of the other geyser beds then return again. We did and made it back to see Old Faithful erupt.

There was still a lot more of Yellowstone National Park than just Old Faithful, so we decided to stay at one of the campgrounds for a couple of nights to further explore the area.

The next morning, I got up early at sunrise to go driving around in the Blazer looking for some wild animals out early as well. I came across a male elk with a huge rack on its head near the roadside getting something to eat. There were also two bison in separate areas walking quickly along the roadside as if they were late for breakfast. Neither one even bothered to stop and look at me when I pulled over to get their pictures. They just kept on going. I saw some other animals as well but decided to return to the motorhome after about an hour of driving around.

After Cricket and the boys had breakfast, we all went out again to drive the large loop around Yellowstone. It took all day to do so. Yellowstone National Park is so diverse with its landscape which makes it one of our favorite National Parks we've visited so far. It's got the mountains, the geysers, a huge canyon, water falls and the plains. Just a nice blend driving around.

Along the drive we encountered a few more pockets of wild animals out roaming around. The largest was a gang of bison out reeking havoc along the roadway. They were just roaming down on the road and to the sides which caused a long backup in traffic. However, it did make for some great photographs. They were so close we could've stuck our hands out the window to touch them.

When we returned to the motorhome we discovered one thing, we didn't run the generator while we were out. It was a cooler day and I just opened up the windows in the RV for Jake who had to say behind in his crate. With the windows open and fans running it was comfortable for him. However this ran the house batteries down and by the time we returned, they were so weak the lights were very dim and the water pump didn't have much power to operate. It was also right at 8:00 pm which was the time generators had to be shut off. So we could not charge them back up for the night. We stayed outside and grilled some hamburgers, talked to the neighbors for a long time, and finally went in to bed around 10:00 pm.

This morning, I had to start the motorhomes engine just to give the house batteries enough power to start the generator. Later we'll be taking a short drive down to the Grand Tetons National Park.

I hope everyone has been enjoying our adventures. Be sure to drop a note in the forums every once in a while to say hi.

See you again soon,