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A Rainy End To Mississippi

February 15, 2006

The week began on Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Biloxi. It was a medium sized church that held two morning services. We went to the 11:00 am service. Much to my surprise was that Henry Blackabee (who wrote the "Experiencing God" book) was the guest speaker for that morning. It was a great service and the people were real friendly.

After church, we went back to the RV for lunch and to change clothes. Then traveling north for a few miles, there was supposed to be a state park that had reopened after the hurricane. That was according to the Mississippi State Parks website anyway.

After about a 30 minute drive, we arrived only to find out that it was still closed. So much for that. We continued on our drive north just to see what may be up there. After about another 30 minutes without finding much of anything, we turned around.

On the way back south, we decided to take a couple of side roads. Going down one of the roads, there was a sign that said "ORV Only" next to another dirt side road. After pondering a few minutes we figured out that ORV meant Off-Road Vehicles. Hey we had a 4wheel drive, so off we went. We only went about 20 yards before there was another sign that read "Temporary: No Motorized Vehicles Allowed." Blocking the road was a bulldozed pile of dirt and a downed tree.

So we decided to walk down the dirt road to see what was there. It was a nice trail going thru the woods with a couple of large puddles that had formed in the low spots. It would have been fun to drive through it all! The road was about 1/4 mile long and ended at a small river, which I think was called Sand River. I remember seeing a sign back on the main road that it was nearby.

The banks of the river had some beach area, so we hung out and played a while. Jake had a lot of fun swimming in the water. The boys were practicing skipping rocks along the surface of the water. They've almost got the hang of it.

After that we went back to the RV for the rest of the day.

Monday morning while the kids were completing their school work, I did the laundry at the campgrounds laundromat. The weather was cold with highs in the 50's. And the forecast called for rain. That makes for a good driving day because you can't do anything outdoors. However our mail from Orlando wasn't expected to arrive until Tuesday. So we decided to go to the movies. We saw the new Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin. It was pretty funny. Afterwards we stayed in the RV the rest of the day.

Well Tuesday came, but the mail didn't. So did more rain. It was a dreary day. We stayed at the RV again.

Today was another wet day. The good news was that we received our mail. YEA! Since I already had the Blazer hooked up from yesterday, all we had to do was unplug the electric and water, pull the slides in, and take off.

Within a few hours, we arrived in Louisiana. After a quick stop at the welcome center along I-10 to pick up some brochures, we continued to a town called Roberts. So my next update will be from there.

See you then,